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Who We Are

At Spark Dazzle events, we take pride in the ability to make your vision a reality. We provide a variety of rentals - Fountain Sparklers, Fog Machines, and Confetti Canons - for any event or occasion: from first dances to grand entrances to concerts - we do it all!

We work to form meaningful, collaborative relationships to make each client’s dream celebration come to life. We are proud to add that extra spark to your event to help you celebrate all your major milestones – weddings, graduations, birthdays, baby showers, corporate events, and so forth.  We take your beautiful moments and we make them unforgettable.

The Beginning...

Spark Dazzle Events was started by me, David, and my fiancee, Arsiné, in Southern California.


As we were planning our own wedding, we looked for ways to make our day more special: we wanted a unique addition that would dazzle our guests and make our photos and videos look beautiful. We discovered these special effects sparkler machines and decided they would be the perfect addition to our wedding day. Immediately, we were amazed by the beauty of the sparks and knew we wanted it to be a part of our wedding memories.


We decided this new discovery was simply too good to not share and so, we took it upon ourselves to bring that extra spark, that extra dazzle – that something special and unforgettable – to Los Angeles.


Our Machines

Our Fountain Sparkler machines are unique in the sense that the proprietary powder we use combined with the internal mechanism of the machine makes it so that the sparks ignite at a safe, low temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The low temperature makes our sparks cool to the touch, odorless, smokeless, and completely safe to use both indoors and outdoors.


When in use, our sparks reach a height of 3 feet to 10 feet, crackling just like traditional sparklers and making for a dazzling scene.

At Spark Dazzle Events, we highly value our relationships with our clients, we do our very best to make sure each moment is special, memorable and most of all....full of spark! To further this mission, we offer customization of our machines. Customers are able to rent in any color of their choice! We happily take special requests and orders, contact us today to see what we can do for you!




Fountain Sparkler Rental

Our Fountain Sparklers are available to rent for all your events: weddings, birthdays, baby showers, concerts, corporate parties, etc. We offer rental services all throughout Southern California. As we expand, Spark Dazzle services will be available in a variety of locations.



"Spark Dazzle Sparklers were the perfect addition to our Welcome Baby. It made our photos and video look amazing and it was the best surprise for our guests. David and Arsine were very easy to work out. They showed up hours before and made sure the Sparklers were set up exactly how we wanted it.

Ando Ghevandyan

"We had the sparklers for our wedding during our first dance and it looked amazing. we are so happy we chose to go with Spark Dazzle."

Susy Manukian

"It was so easy & convenient working with David. Loved the sparkler effect during first dance & my clients were very happy with him. Looking forward to future events!"

Rubina Zargaryan | Memorable Moments Event Planning & Design

frequently asked questions

How long do the sparks last?

Our machines emit sparks for up to 5 minutes. This makes them absolutely perfect for a first dance, husband and wife pronouncements, cake cutting, grand entrance, proposals, and much more!  


Can I touch the sparks?

Although the sparks are safe to touch, we do not allow it. The machines are controlled by trained technicians at all times. 


Do the machines leave residue?

Spark Dazzle Events Fountain Sparkler machines are powered by RoHs certified spark powder. They may leave light dust behind in the immediate surrounding area. This dust is wiped away by our technicians after the spark show.


Are your spark machines  available for concerts and outdoor events?

Spark Dazzle Events sparklers are great for all sorts of events, including concerts. For concerts and sporting events, we have larger machines that can emit sparks for up to 30 minutes.




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